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Client Fund Protection at Omega

At Omega, your financial security is our top priority. We are dedicated to delivering not only the finest payment and e-money services but also to ensuring the complete safety of your funds with us.
How Omega Safeguards Your Funds
The term "safeguarding" refers to the practice of keeping client funds entirely separate from the company's operational finances. We achieve this through a robust segregation method, placing your money into designated safeguarding accounts with reputable and authorised credit institutions or banks. This strategy guarantees the protection of your funds, no matter the amount, providing you with financial peace of mind.
As an e-money institution, Omega takes a different approach compared to traditional financial services. Rather than the FSCS protection, which caps coverage at £85,000 per depositor, Omega's safeguarding process offers comprehensive protection for the full value of your money. Regulatory guidelines ensure that your funds are distinctly separated from Omega's assets and remain in safeguarding accounts, ready for your use and not subject to any other transaction without your express instructions.
Your Financial Assurance with Omega
Our financial protocols are designed to ensure that your funds are always secure and accessible. In the highly unlikely event that Omega faces financial difficulties, our established safeguarding measures are in place to ensure your funds are prioritised for repayment over other creditors. Should such a situation arise, there may be administrative costs involved in the disbursement process. However, please be assured that neither Omega nor the credit institutions holding your safeguarded funds have any claim to these assets. Your funds are ring-fenced and treated with the highest degree of care, reflecting our commitment to your financial well-being. Omega's approach is designed to put your interests first, ensuring that your funds remain protected and exclusively available to you.