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About us

Building the first-ever business-in-a-box innovation: our journey in the FinTech industry.

Our mission is to empower entrepreneurs worldwide to transform their ideas into operational businesses with just a few clicks.
Journey from idea to market
After navigating the complexities of establishing businesses in London, the founders of Omega recognised the immense potential for digitising outdated corporate and professional services atop a multi-currency banking account. Funded by Mastercard and early-stage investors Omega started its journey in January 2023.
David Manasyan
Co-Founder, CEO
David has a wealth of experience in the legal and compliance fields. Having previously co-founded a successful digital law firm business, David has first-hand experience with the issues faced by startups as well as scaling businesses. In the FinTech sector, David has guided numerous projects at all levels from inception to IPO, dealing with critical aspects of operations, compliance and financing, vital for startup success. Beyond work, David treasures family time, enjoys tennis, and is an avid chess player.
Sergey Rossman
Co-Founder, COO
Sergey has amassed over a decade of experience in the international trading industry, focusing on building automation solutions. As an entrepreneur, he faced various challenges while navigating the UK accounting and legal frameworks, which consumed valuable time and resources. His skillset revolves around team and software development management. Happy husband and a fan of intensive interval training, he values a healthy lifestyle.
Rapid iterations and learning from feedback.
Omega is headquartered in the heart of London. With our distributed team of passionate professionals, we adhere to agile development practices to swiftly deliver products to the market for testing and improvement. We believe in a quality-first approach, prioritising customer value above all else, and continuously striving to build a unique product.
Business-in-a-box — a one-stop solution to start a new business.
We believe that digitisation will inevitably lead financial institutions to plug in multiple professional business services into the product offering, enabling customers to start new businesses straight "out of the box". Accounting, corporate, and legal services, as well as virtual office capabilities, can be provided by multiple third-party services integrated into the core banking platform.
From company formation to annual reporting Omega has got you covered.
Do what you do best and let Omega handle the rest.
Discover the future of financial services with our business-in-a-box account built by entrepreneurs.
Distributed. Diverse. Determined.
Our team thrives on its diverse backgrounds and expertise, seamlessly collaborating across borders to drive innovation and excellence.
David Manasyan
Co-Founder, CEO
Sergey Rossman
Co-Founder, COO
Shameem Pathan
MLRO, Head of Compliance
and 25+ fintech talents
Join our team.
Omega is constantly looking for industry professionals to join our agile team, striving to build a truly innovative product for businesses worldwide.
Omega is looking for talents.
Join us on this incredible journey.