Powerful financial hub for
Digitally-Enabled Businesses

Track your whole business within a single dashboard
and transform your revenue into instant credit

Cards made for digital

Spend with no foreign transaction fees on the most widely
accepted credit card networks

1-2% Cashback on all your spend
Unlimited virtual cards
Daily & monthly spending limits
Track your team expenses

1-2% Cashback on all your spend

Transform your revenue into upfront capital

Convert your recurring revenue streams into instant credit without debt or dilution

Track your whole
business within a single

Daily snapshot covering the whole business
Track balances across all the accounts
Review revenue and expenses

Powerful integrations with
leading platforms

Streamline financial operations with out-of-the-box integrations that
simplify your workflows and increase productivity:

Payment gateways
Bank accounts
eCommerce platforms
Advertising platforms
Fulfillment services


OMG is preparing to become a fully regulated bank in the UK,
meanwhile you already can enjoy the bank-level security

We’re fully authorised and regulated
by the Financial Conduct Authority
All funds are safeguarded with a
UK-based bank
Highest standards of data privacy
and encryption