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OMega account unites current account, corporate services, and accounting within a single solution
To open a Borderless Account with Omega, you need to register a legal entity in the United Kingdom. Unlike other banks, Omega can do this for you!
You need to register a company in the UK or use an existing one.
Next, we will open your multi-currency account for free.
Start using your international account in 25 currencies for just £99/month.
Is Omega a Bank?
Omega is not a Bank. Omega is an Electronic Money Institution authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority in the UK (FRN.: )
Does Omega work with residents/citizens outside of the UK?
Yes. Omega is able to provide its services to residents and citizens from 190 jurisdictions, as long as there is a legal entity incorporated in the UK.
What documents are needed to apply for the Omega banking account?
In order to apply for an account, you will need to provide Omega with your identification and certain jurisdiction specific residence evidence. The registration process is fully digital.
How much does it cost to register a company with Omega?
We offer company registration at no extra cost, as part of the Omega service offering.
Is Omega secure?
Security is built into all of our products. In addition, by law and under FCA regulation, your money is protected by regulated banks. We keep your money in these accounts until you pay it out.
How are my money protected?
Your funds with Omega are safeguarded with top tier business accounts in the UK. The safeguarding laws mean that your funds are protected in case of the safeguarding bank's default.