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OMG is a current account with smart credit options
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Get up to 50% cashback

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Cashback in more than 25000 locations

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Return a part of the purchase price in multiple categories

5-30% Cafes & Restaurants

And also in bars and nightclubs

3% Digital Media

Netflix, Spotify, Steam and others

2% Clothing

Zara, Shein, Nike, GAP, H&M, ASOS and more

1.5% Entertainment

Cinema, theaters, concerts, operas and more

1% Groceries

Sainsbury’s, Waitrose, Tesco and others
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UK Account Number &

Budget Analytics &

Money Transfers

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Free multi-currency accounts

Spend, hold and transfer money around the world in 25+ currencies


Bank-level security

As a regulated financial institution, OMG provides industry
leading bank-level data security for its customers.


We’re fully authorised and regulated by the
Financial Conduct Authority.


All funds are safeguarded with a UK-based bank.


Highest standards of data privacy and

Spend as usual, get more

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