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The beginning of an adventure...

The beginning of an adventure...

Today we are super excited to announce the upcoming launch of OMG! πŸš€

OMG is a London based FinTech startup looking to provide its customers with day-to-day current accounts that will give instant cashback discounts of up to 50% of the purchase price in thousands of online and offline retail merchants across the UK.

We have successfully raised seed round funding in 2019, which enabled us to develop our MVP and get ready for beta testing.

OMG is not a modern bank. It is much better!

OMG account comes with all the essential features you might need in your daily activities:
πŸ’³ Payment card,
#️⃣ UK account and sort code,
πŸ’Έ Banking transfers, and
🀝 P2P payments.

OMG lets you enjoy cashback discounts in thousands of businesses simply by paying with your OMG card.

No extra steps required, and it's instant! ⚑  

You see, we are on a mission to build a digital banking product that will provide you, our customers, significant monetary benefits on your typical day-to-day spending.

Right now, we are working hard to simplify the process of receiving instant cashback.

You will have to do nothing more than pay using your OMG card in our ever-growing merchant partner network. Once you do that, we will automatically pay your cashback discount directly into your account.

And this is just the beginning.

We want to create an account that provides customers real benefits daily and is not just a money management tool.

And we've done our math too πŸ€“

Based on the current spending statistics, an average customer will be able to save up to Β£1000 in cashback each year.

That's an additional Β£1000 put right back into your bank account for just being you. πŸ€‘

Does your current account offer you that? πŸ€”

For the launch, we are focusing on providing accounts to 20,000 lucky London-based early adopters. They will be the first to enjoy instant cashback options of up to 50% in over 700 partner merchant locations we have in London.

So if you want a chance to be among our beta testers - don't hesitate to register your interest at πŸƒβ€β™‚οΈ

And keep an eye out for more news from us, as we prepare for our crowdfunding campaign later this year!

David Manasyan

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