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OMG is the Best Fintech Innovation!

OMG is the Best Fintech Innovation!

We are happy to share some more great news!✨

OMG has received the Best Fintech Innovation 2020 Award from Finance monthly magazine.

Finance Monthly is a global multi-channel publication offering insights and comments on topics that affect the financial world. They distribute industry news to over 195,880 people each month.

OMG has been recognised for the work we are doing to bring our customers current day-to-day accounts that give instant cashback discounts of up to 50% of the purchase price in thousands of UK retail merchants 😌

Given the millions of small businesses currently operating in the UK, there now is a staggering number of loyalty and reward programs. As a customer, it might be near impossible to keep track of all the programs you might benefit from in your daily life.

At OMG, we want to make it easier for you and your favourite businesses to engage with each other for direct mutual benefit 🎉

And after a turbulent 2020, we continue to believe that OMG has to play its role in promoting SME business activity in the UK by actively engaging with customers and merchants, and providing free, accessible improved digital infrastructure and technology.

We want to help customers of all income levels, focusing on those for whom easily accessible cash rewards are highly valuable.

Maria Vasilikou

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